What’s more important; pornography or justice?

4 Jan

When I ask how people feel about The Sun’s Page 3, the most common response is: “I don’t really feel anything … if the girls want to do it then that’s up to them?”

If only it were that simple.

If you believe women are now equal in society then you are wrong.  Most of the atrocities inflicted upon the female of the gender go unrecognised, unreported and thus, unnoticed.  Whether it’s low self-esteem and body image problems, sexual violence, domestic violence, female genital mutilation (the list goes on), women are still not enjoying the most basic of human rights here in the UK and across the globe.

The UN, however, does appear to take the equal rights of women seriously and 30 years ago adopted an international treaty known as CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women); – a global bill of rights for women.

Part of the Convention aims to highlight the negative impact that gender stereotyping has on men and women.  This applies directly to pornography because pornography promotes and glamorises an industry that treats and values women as nothing more than submissive sexual objects, to be bought and sold purely for male sexual gratification.  This is degrading and dehumanizing and needs to be addressed immediately.  There is too much cruelty inflicted upon women and girls every day of their lives to justify any real argument as to whether or not pornography has any place in society at all; – least in our press and popular culture.  Wouldn’t time be better spent finding out why women face these injustices, and then asking ourselves the question “is it ok that they do”?   I’m sure the response to this would differ hugely from the initial opening question asked.

Our government needs to start taking notice.  We need to act and we need to act fast.

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