Government, hear our cry!

16 Jan

Bubbly & Boobs are pulling Britain out of the recession’ according to The Sun’s Steve Hawkes as he proclaims that the numbers at topless dance clubs are back at pre-crunch level.

This frivolous attitude to the sex industry has to stop.  This is Britain’s most read newspaper.

This is dangerous.

To be flippant about an industry which systematically oppresses, abuses & degrades women is unacceptable.  Stories such as these are perpetuating the idea that buying sexual services from women is just a bit of ‘harmless fun’ – when it is so evidently not.  Lap dancing clubs are a breeding ground for sexism, exploitation, harassment, trafficking & prostitution both inside and outside of their premises.

To add insult to this assault, the industry has become celebrated and glamorized within popular culture largely due to the proliferation of pornography in our press & media.  Inevitably, so have society’s liberal attitudes towards selling and purchasing women for sex.  But as research consistently shows, it’s women who are paying the price.

How many women have to live in fear of violence or be victims of violence before the government starts taking notice?

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