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The Sun: women who pose in their underwear & topless are ‘mucky’.

2 Apr

So now we have The Sun calling Heather Mills’ nanny ‘mucky‘ because she has had pictures taken of her in her underwear and topless!

“Sara Trumble, 26 – seen proudly posing in undies but who also had TOPLESS snaps taken for a portfolio”

The hypocrisy of this misogynistic newspaper is absolutely astounding.  Not only do they label this woman ‘mucky’ for being photographed in this way, but they also put the word ‘topless’ in capitals, as if to emphasise this ‘muckiness’ further and to also suggest that it’s something to be ashamed of.

They also manage to sneak in a topless photo of Heather Mills taken from the soft-porn movie she once appeared in for which they labelled her ‘depraved’.  (See previous blog).

Page 3 models:-  The Sun is overtly ridiculing you.  Please turn your backs on your evil oppressors once and for all!