Does Page 3 get YOUR back up?!

22 Jul

How YOU can help

“The back image that accompanies the campaign is fundamental to the political message we aim to get across. A play on words, one might imagine it as though the women are turning their back on the camera, refusing to be treated like sexual objects; the symbol embodying the slogan.”

 TYBOP3 needs you! In order to show a visible, collective and united opposition to Page 3 sexism we are asking backers to send in an image of themselves with the campaign slogan ‘Turn Your Back On Page 3’ written on their back!  We will be collating the images for various art / activist projects with a possibility of the image becoming the campaign logo and/or the official campaign t-shirt in months to come … so get creative! : )

You can either:

a) Paint a t-shirt or any other item of clothing with the slogan written on the back!  Feel free to get creative!

b) Paint your flesh!  We envisage a wall of backs with as infinite a spectrum of body types as possible. By including people excluded from Page 3 on the basis of sex, age, race, body size/shape etc. we challenge and highlight the sexist, racist, ageist, unhealthy and narrow-minded nature of Page 3 (although we are certainly not campaigning for more diversity!) and by doing so overtly display the defiant message that we are not against nudity and celebration of the human form – if it is indeed in ALL its forms – but we are against this one-dimensional, pornified portrayal of women and girls that is detrimental not only them but to men and society as a whole.

c) Or for any clever graphic designers out there you could superimpose onto the back of ANYONE or ANYTHING!  Look at our wonderful Lego piece (in response to Lego advertising in The Sun!)  Inspired? ; )

Express this message in whichever way you choose – and be as artistic as you want!  You could include anti-Page 3/sexist imagery, statistics, your own personal feelings, write it in your native language etc.  All we stipulate is the campaign slogan ‘Turn Your Back On Page 3’ is written somewhere on your back!  Get creative, be free!

Also, if you’re happy to, please include a very brief quote as to why you’re protesting (name, age, location are optional) and please post images on the facebook page or tweet us @tybop3 using the hashtag #turnyourbackonpage3.

For more examples of the back image, click here.

Turn Your Back On Page 3!  Stand up to misogyny! Turn Your Back On Page 3!  Stand up for EQUALITY!

And don’t forget to write to your MP TODAY at


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