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Patriarchy the corrupt crook!

26 Apr

We learnt yesterday at the Leveson Inquiry that:

“According to official documents, Jeremy Hunt spent five days in the US holding meetings with News Corp at the same point Rupert and James Murdoch were first deciding whether to bid for Sky, reports the Guardian’s David Leigh and Vikram Dodd. ¬†Almost immediately after Hunt’s trip, James Murdoch visited David Cameron in London, and privately told him that News Corp had agreed to switch support to the Tories in the upcoming election. Hunt then became culture secretary in the victorious Tory government.”

And we expect these crooks to get rid of The Sun’s Page 3 and clean up the tabloid press’ misogynist culture in general because we’re asking nicely?

We need to get our thinking caps on, folks!!! ¬†The words ‘bring.down.the.corrupt.patriarchy’ spring to mind!