#sunsexism NEEDS YOU!

10 Oct

The Sun sexualising violence against women


Turn Your Back On Page 3 (TYBOP3) would like YOU to help with providing photographic evidence of sexism you see in The Sun.   Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to put money into Murdoch’s pockets; you can just snap using your mobile phone or camera whilst passing through/past a newsagent etc. or when a copy is left on the train, in a café or any other public area.

The reason for this is to expose the context in which Page 3 exists.  Page 3 isn’t an image placed innocently in the UK’s most popular family newspaper; it is a sexist image placed within a sexist newspaper in what is still a hugely sexist society.  In this context Page 3 begins to appear far less ‘innocuous’ – as editor Dominic Mohan would have us believe – and instead starts to appear far more sinister.

The very fact that there isn’t a male equivalent is concrete proof of this from the outset, although we are certainly not campaigning for more diversity!  What we are calling for is Sun readers and current defenders of Page 3 to recognise what The Sun really thinks of women – and to care enough about this that they too turn their backs on this sexist British ‘institution’ once and for all.

Please snap the evidence, however blatant or subtle it is and upload it onto Twitter (you can find us @tybop3).  It doesn’t matter whether we crossover with our evidence, what we need is YOUR analysis and feelings towards it.  Whether it’s The Sun being hypocritical, stereotypical or just plainly misogynistic, we need to know!  All we ask is if that you use the hashtag #sunsexism when posting so people have a point of reference for evidence.

Together if we expose it we can eradicate it!

Please click here to read TYBOP3’s and OBJECT’s submission to the Leveson Inquiry which exposes the harmful way in which women are treated and presented across the red top tabloid print press.


One Response to “#sunsexism NEEDS YOU!”

  1. mamacookblogspot October 10, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    This is a really good point and one I will look out for. That cover is shocking, the bodyguard story with the image. WTF are they thinking???

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